Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The End Of The World

What institution do you think best symbolizes America in people's minds?  Google, Microsoft, NFL, McDonalds?  Well, in a recent 60 Minutes- Vanity Fair poll, nearly half the respondents thought America was best symbolized by WalMart.  Yes, they believe WalMart is the institution that says "America".  How pathetic is that?   Have you been to a WalMart lately?

I have previously made my views crystal clear regarding WalMart, their policies and procedures.  If you need a refresher go back and read my post of May 28, 2008.  But it's not even their business practices that make this disturbing.   Just go park outside your local WalMart any day of the week, stay and observe for about 30 minutes.  Then tell me that you think that's a fitting symbol of America.


fleshpot said...

If Walmart symbolizes America, i'm ready to move to England. In England, though, Tesco, the supermarket has a Walmart reputation. Walmart owns ASDA, another supermarket.so I'd probably get a double whammy. I better stay here and just fight Walmart.

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

so glad I don't go in those things

I'd say Sicky D's symbolizes us = fat, geasy, greedy, and lazy ;)